Meet Snow!

Snow is a 14-month-old Cockatiel that came to see us on January 22nd. Unfortunately, Snow had gotten into a bit of a tussle with a dog and ended up with quite a bite wound on the wing. Snow was originally taken to the emergency clinic where they had suggested amputation.

Upon review of some x-rays, Dr. Hastings was able to confirm that poor Snow had a broken radius and ulna.

With the fractures being so close to the joint, surgery was not an option. He was up to the challenge to get Snow back on track. He placed an external splint using bandaging as support. Snow came in for weekly rechecks which included wound treatment and bandage/splint changes.

After 4 weeks of treatment and some tender love and care from our staff and Snow’s family, the x-rays showed that the fracture had healed! Everyone couldn’t be happier!